The 30-Second Body by Adam Rosante

30-Second_BodyCreator of the New York Times-profiled People’s Bootcamp and celebrity fitness trainer Adam Rosante lays out a hard-charging, simple-to-follow, six-week lifestyle and workout program (no machinery required!) that uses 30-second interval training to torch fat, build lean muscle and help you get strong for life!

You want a body that is long, lean, strong, agile and fast. You want a metabolism that burns calories even while at rest. You want to lose weight but not muscle tone and energy. Adam Rosante’s The 30-Second Body is the one-stop solution, a comprehensive plan that delivers results fast: Most will notice amazing results in just one week! The simple-to-follow, six-week program is organized around Rosante’s motto:
Train Dirty, Eat Clean, Live Hard! It includes:

30-second, high-intensity power intervals that target the whole body, done five times a week plus one sixth day “recovery workout” of gentle yoga stretches and movements).

Black & white photos illustrating how to perform the moves with perfect form anywhere–from squats, lunges, and pushups, to jumps, and lightning bolt sits–without any equipment or weights.

Rosante’s easy eating plan which allows you to indulge in delicious and nutritious ingredients. Inspiring advice and motivating encouragement– Adam will rev readers up to be hard-charging well beyond the first six weeks.