Bead Crochet Jewelry by Bert and Dana Freed

Beading experts, teachers, and jewelry designers Bert and Dana Freed share their techniques and complete step-by-step directions for a delightful array of bead crochet jewelry projects. Using a wide range of stunning beads in lovely color combinations, the 27 bead crochet pieces may look complicated but are very easy to make following their clearly explained techniques and expert tips.
Organized so that you start with the foundations of bead crochet, the basic chain stitch, you progress through each level to achieve more advanced techniques like creating texture with beads, or making a six-color tubular jewelry design. Beginning with a comprehensive tools and materials chapter, all the supplies you need are covered in detail. Next come the projects, starting with simple chain stitch patterns and progressing to chunky dimensional rope-like pieces. Each section opens with step-by-step directions accompanied by clear photographs to illustrate the techniques needed for the proceeding projects. The last part of the book, ”Advanced Tips and Tricks,” offers troubleshooting advice and suggestions for making your bead crochet experience as smooth as possible.

Bead Crochet provides all the inspiration and skill you need to create unique jewelry pieces to wear or give as wonderful gifts. From dangling earrings to chunky necklaces and plaited bracelets, these beautiful and intricate-looking pieces are sure to standout and be admired by all

BERT RACHEL FREED and DANA ELIZABETH FREED are a mother-daughter team who have spent their lives pursuing crafts. In 2006, they started putting their energy full-time into the creation of their design and beading companies, The Well Done Experience and Chicken and the Egg Designs. Their one-of-a-kind couture beadwork is currently sold in New York City at The Store at the Museum of Art and Design. In 2008 they exhibited nearly two hundred pieces in an exclusive show in SoHo. In addition to designing and crafting beaded jewelry, they also teach bead crochet workshops at craft stores, at events, and in private.