Border-Line Personalities by Michelle Herrera Mulligan & Robyn Moreno

Why, in the minds of most Americans, are Latinas still thought of as maids, seductresses, and booty-shaking salsa divas?

Never has the concept of Latina identity been more relevant. Also, never has there been a new generation of Latinas so ready to say what they mean and even criticize the Latina generation that preceded them. Until now.

In Border-Line Personalities, twenty writers share their poignant and wickedly funny stories about fighting with their mothers, struggling with speaking Spanish, and dealing with the men who’ve done them wrong, among a myriad of other topics. In the end, each essay encompasses a different point of view, lending credence to the theory that no one can label any one item, idea, or person more Latina than the other.

Questions posed to Latinas of all ages in Border-Line Personalities:

– Why do many of us often feel more American than Latina?
– How important is Spanish, really?
– Do we all really fit under one cultural umbrella?
– When thinking about having children, do we really have to consider being stay-at-home moms as most of us were raised to believe was law, or can Latinas even consider the possibility of raising children while working?
– What do we do when we fall in love with someone (male or female) outside our culture?

Michelle Herrera Mulligan has worked as an author and journalist in New York City for thirteen years. She is a frequent contributor to Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul, and her articles have appeared in Time, Woman’s Day, Latina, House & Garden, and Publisher’s Weekly, among many others.

Robyn Moreno is the host of Plum Daily on Plum TV in the Hamptons and is the author of Practically Posh: The Smart Girl’s Guide to a Glam Life ( Harper Collins.)