Celebrating Friends by Jim McCann

Reinforcing the 1-800-flowers.com and celebrations.com philosophy of helping individuals express, connect, and celebrate, Jim McCann celebrates the unwavering and steadfast nature of friendship inside Celebrating Friends. More than just a collection of heartwarming sentiments, Celebrating Friends presents over 50 poignant quotes, fascinating facts, and inspirational stories that express thoughts on friendship in an honest and genuine way.
Celebrating Friends is perfect for sharing at birthdays, reunions, and other special occasions that pay tribute to the unwavering power of friendship. Full-color drawings illustrate the book throughout and are interspersed with meaningful quotes and heartfelt reflections on creating friendships and memories and ultimately celebrating life. Divided into four sections, Celebrating Friends features 120 entries, many of which were submitted by everyday people on the 1-800-flowers.com and celebrations.com Web sites, and on their Facebook and Twitter pages, including:

* Scientists have found that men and women view friendship differently. For women, friendship is a face-to-face relationship; for men, it’s side-by-side.

* The holy passion of friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money. –Mark Twain

Jim McCann is a highly successful entrepreneur whose vision and energy have helped grow 1-800-flowers.com, the company he founded in 1976, into the world’s leading florist and gift shop. He is also the founder of celebrations.com, a leading content and social engagement site devoted to party planning. McCann appears frequently on many national TV networks, including CNBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, and Bloomberg TV. He resides in Long Island, New York.