Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives by Stephanie Watson

It’s a brand new adventure in friendship and sleuthing for Natalie and Annie in this charming middle-grade mystery novel!

Natalie and Annie decide to put their detective skills to use as they open the E & O Detective Agency to solve neighborhood mysteries. Together they stumble across an incredibly intriguing one when Mrs. Warsaw, their elderly neighbor with memory problems, begins spreading news about a woman named Zina Zeolite hiding in her bedroom closet. Mrs. Warsaw often speaks of seeing strange things so Natalie doesn’t believe her. But Annie insists that they take the case.

About Stephanie Watson
I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and am the proud graduate of the public school system (Clara Barton Open and Minneapolis South High). After studying writing, dance and theater at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, I moved back to the Twin Cities to follow my creative dreams. I now live in Minneapolis with my daughter Ivy and many imaginary friends.