The Happiness Diet by Tyler Graham and Dr. Drew Ramsey

In just a few generations, the staples of the American diet have changed. We know that our food is making us unhealthy. But it’s also making us unhappy. It’s no coincidence that rates of both obesity and depression have doubled in the last decade. We are what we eat, and if it’s the Standard American Diet (or the SAD Diet), we’re priming ourselves for a lifetime of unhappiness.

While many books have examined the ways in which food impacts our physical health, The Happiness Diet is the first one to clearly elucidate the link between how we eat and how we feel. Happiness is a biological event, and in order for our brains to fire on all cylinders, they must be properly nourished. Our neurotransmitters rely on vital nutrients like manganese, B vitamins, and healthy fats to do their jobs— and if we’re feeding our brains the SAD Diet, we’re sabotaging our mental health.

In The Happiness Diet, readers will learn the simple changes that make a big difference in how they feel. With food lists, shopping tips, brain-building recipes, a Happiness Food Pyramid, and other tools, Graham and Dr. Ramsey empower readers to build a better brain and reclaim happiness.

Tyler Graham reports on health and fitness for Details magazine and has held editorial positions at O, The Oprah Magazine, Prevention, and Best Life. He lives in Brooklyn.

Drew Ramsey, MD, is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, where he specializes in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders. He lives in New York City.