Hey, God! by Kip Conlon

Who hasn’t revealed some insecurity to God? After all, the divine creator would find out about it anyway, right? In fact, eavesdropping on everyone else’s neuroses is the appeal of author Kip Conlon’s new book Hey, God!, a tongue-in-cheek look at some very irreverent communications with the supreme being. Consider these “messages” to God: Dear God: What do you think of the new “Jesus is my best friend” bumper sticker on the Honda? Sometimes I think it’s sort of weird. Like, “Why am I telling this to people?” – Stephen, age 27; Dear God: Apparently, I am created in Your image. Which is bad news for the both of us, I’m afraid. – Ronald, age 38; Dear God: Jesus love me. He’s also been dead 2000 years and from what I understand, loves everybody, including Son of Sam. I need a man. Happy New Year’s. – Priscilla, age 43. Handwritten on stationary that mimics private and company letterhead, each piece of correspondence has a style all its own. With illustrations by Susan Conlon (the author’s mother, who has a master’s of art therapy and also works for the American Folk Art Museum in New York City), Hey, God! gives readers a humorous take on communicating with the Master of the universe.

Kip Conlon is a stand-up comedian in New York City. Reviews of his work have appeared in the Village Voice, the New York Times, and New York Magazine. In addition, he has contributed to Time Out New York and Esquire’s Dubious Achievement Awards issue.