Knitting and Tea by Jane & Patrick Gottelier

Crisp lace table linens.
Tinkling silver spoons on saucers.
The billowing steam of freshly-brewed tea.
Skeins of fine yarn on delicate needles.

Knitting and Tea brings together these two hallowed traditions in all their beauty, charm, and poise. The author takes you on a journey from the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka to the tearooms in the United Kingdom to explore the intertwining history of these two passions. The luxurious photographs of each location entice you to sit and sample the delectable teatime recipes included and to knit designs that evoke classic elegance. From a stately Cricket Sweater to lovely Tea Cozies, an embellished Cupcake Cardigan, and timeless Argyle Socks, the author shows you how knitting and tea can go hand-in-hand anywhere.

JANE AND PATRICK GOTTELIER started the ARTWORK fashion line in 1977 and have since become one of the United Kingdom’s premier knitwear brands. With backgrounds in fashion design and product design respectively, the husband-and-wife team currently teach at University College Falmouth, Cornwall, where they are Heads of Department for Fashion Design and Performance Sportswear Design. The Gotteliers are also consultants for various fashion companies.