Mama Gone Geek by Lynn Brunelle

mamagonegeekIn MAMA GONE GEEK, Lynn Brunelle has taken her nerdy passion for science, art and education and applied it to the awe-inspiring eleven-year project that has been raising her children. An Emmy Award winning writer for “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Lynn is the author of best-selling children’s books, and a former K-12 science and art teacher. The results of her “experiment” to date have been surprising, humorous, sometimes misguided, but always meaningful.

We live in a time and in a culture that celebrates scientific and technological innovation. It is also a time when smart kid parenting is a driving trend, especially important as we seek to compete with the rest of the world that has long invested in the mathematical and scientific training of their children at younger ages. Readers of MAMA GONE GEEK will learn how one artsy science-nerd mom applies what she knows to raise science savvy and confident kids. Readers can follow Lynn’s magical stories as she seamlessly incorporates lessons of the physical world into her sons’ every day lives, whether she uses an accidently ingested magnet to teach them about the human body or increases their Little League batting averages through lessons on Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Lynn Brunelle is a four-time Emmy Award-winning writer for the television series “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” with over twenty years of writing experience. Lynn has created, developed and written projects for PBS, NPR, A&E, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Disney and ABC-TV. She is the creator of a family science blog Science Friday’s Tabletop Science, a regular voice on NPR’s Science Friday Kids’ Connection, an on-air contributor and consultant on activities for Martha Stewart Radio, a writer for the Huffington Post, as well as for several children’s and parenting magazines. She is a national speaker and has presented as a Street Fair Educator at the World Science Festival New York City and The Aspen Center for Physics Aspen Science Festival. She lives on Bainbridge Island off the coast of Washington with her husband and two sons.