Pride Wars: The Spinner Prince Book 1 by Matt Laney

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers, May 2018)

Action adventure story laced with mysticism about a feline human race strictly adhere to a science based society and whose 13 year old heir apparent has a secret that may threaten their kingdom and deliver him into the hands of their brethren enemy who lives beyond their Great Wall.

PRIDE WARS: The Spinner Prince is being hailed as Game of Thrones meets the Warrior series. In the scientific realm of Singara, where feline humanoids rule, fiction is forbidden. Those caught telling stories lose their tongues before being exiled. Heir to the throne, thirteen-year-old Prince Leo, is cursed with the “fiction affliction,” the unpredictable, uncontrollable habit of telling stories. Worse, the stories carry a dangerous power, leaving creatures behind who cause trouble and threaten to expose Leo’s affliction. Meanwhile, Leo’s elder cousin is making his move to seize the throne and the enemy beyond the Great Wall, another feline race called Maguar, are rising up. Will Leo claim the throne from his rival (and keep his tongue) before his curse is revealed? Or will he embrace his ability as a gift and discover a far greater destiny among the Maguar? The heart-racing story starts here.

Matt Laney is an ordained minister with a lifelong interest in world religion, wisdom traditions, martial arts, big cats and middle grade literature having read nearly every title to his two children.