The Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing by Tony Didio

There’s a lot more to wine and food pairing than memorizing a few simple rules. The true connoisseur knows the subtleties…and in this book, a wine expert shares his secrets.

– What wines accompany which foods-and how to choose
– Essays, advice, and comments from award-winning chefs
– Covers each course-from entree to dessert, from simple meals to exotic favorites
– Interviews with famous wine connoisseurs on understanding and appreciating wines
– Information on wine-making and maps of the world’s major wine regions
– Resource guide to finding the best wine-specialty shops
– Glossary of wine/food terms and advice on how to “read” wine lists
– A primer on the complete history of wine
– Making sense of labels, vintage years, and the best regions

Anthony DiDio is a 25-year veteran of New York City’s food and wine industry, overseeing wine placements in the top restaurants, hotels, and clubs in the NYC metro area. He is also a frequent guest on the Food Network’s Molto Mario Cooking Show, and has held seminars at such restaurants as The Four Seasons.

Amy Zavatto writes about food, wine, and entertainment for Food & Wine, Gotham, Hamptons, and TimeOut New York, as well as TimeOut New York’s Eating and Drinking Guide. Her articles have also appeared in Jane and Atomic. Co-author of Renaissance Guide to Wine and Food Pairing, Zavatto is an avid cook.