Simple Stunning Weddings by Karen Bussen

The three biggest trends in weddings are simplicity, personalization, and colour! Wedding designer and expert Karen Bussen focuses on these elements as she shows couples how to design their own weddings without going crazy or broke. Simple Stunning Weddings is the first wedding design book to focus on the WHERE of the event. Location is the first and most important decision; everything else flows from it. Bussen then shows how to create unifying themes with colour, flowers, and personal touches; how to talk to vendors; how to decide where to spend the wedding budget; how to adapt the design for every budget – for example, by changing tablecloths from silk to cotton; striking flower arrangements that use only one or two flower types, which can be a significant cost saving; and advising the reader when it is actually faster, safer, and less expensive to hire someone else to do a job than to tackle it oneself.

Karen Bussen is one of New York’s most exciting wedding and event designers. Her styling and floral designs have been featured in magazines such as Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, Home, Food & Wine, Country Living, and Interior Design. She is a consultant to one of Japans largest hotel chains. Over the past six years, Karen has designed over 100 weddings for real brides and grooms throughout the country – couples with widely varying styles, locations and budgets.