Yoga Kids by Marsha Wenig

YogaKids[registered] is not just yoga poses: it’s a program designed especially for children and for their varied learning styles. Blending traditional yoga and its benefits with new theories of multiple learning styles and twenty years of teaching experience, YogaKids[registered] is a comprehensive, imaginative, and playful approach to educating through yoga movements. Yoga educator Marsha Wenig has developed YogaKids[registered] to stimulate learning and to appeal to children. Children love to learn yoga with YogaKids[registered]. They embrace the message that learning is fun, that taking care of their bodies is easy, that exercise is play and feels good. These are lessons they’ll use throughout their lives.

Marsha Wenig, CYT, is the creator of YogaKids[registered] and the President of YogaKids[registered] International. Marsha is a certified yoga instructor as well as a certified yoga therapist for children with special needs. Through her YogaKids[registered] Facilitator Certification Program, hundreds of facilitators are being trained to teach YogaKids[registered]. YogaKids[registered] is considered the premier program for yoga education, and its trainees and facilitators work throughout the world. As an expert in the field of yoga for children, Marsha has written widely on this subject for Yoga Journal, Fitness, Parent Guide, Yoga Chicago, and manuals for her YogaKids Facilitator training program.