The New Atkins Made Easy by Colette Heimowitz

atkins2The New Atkins for a New You has helped more than half a million people successfully lose weight since its 2010 publication, backed by overwhelming research that validates the effectiveness and healthfulness of low-carb eating. But some readers want a more streamlined approach to the diet. They don’t need to understand the science; they just want to know exactly what to buy, what to eat when, and how to stay on the plan to achieve their goal weight. That’s where The New Atkins Made Easy comes in.

The New Atkins Made Easy offers everything dieters need to make Atkins work in their lives, starting on day one. It offers simple ways to make healthy eating easier—including dozens of delicious low-cook and no-cook food options, budget-friendly Atkins meal plans the whole family (even kids) will love, low-carb grab-and-go foods, and success stories from happy, healthy Atkins followers. Readers will be able to pick up this book, head right out to the grocery store for some basic supplies, and start their transformation the same day. No muss, no fuss—just rapid results. And not only will you lose weight quickly on Atkins (up to fifteen pounds in two weeks), but you’ll learn easy maintenance tips to keep it off for life.

The must-have guide for healthy low-carb eating, The New Atkins Made Easy is for the smart, weight-conscious individual who is done with “diets” and ready to make a permanent lifestyle change, one that brings unparalleled energy and lifelong health.