The Parent Care Conversation by Dan Taylor

A comprehensive and empathetic program for addressing, planning, and putting into effect long-term elder care

Long -term care for aging parents is a sensitive, often difficult, but ultimately inevitable issue with which all of us will have to cope sooner or later. The Parent Care Conversation offers a step-by-step approach for families to follow that will enable them to develop workable plans of action. By first addressing the emotional aspects of long-term care that take into account the parents’ feelings and wishes, then integrating the practical and financial components, this book will open the door for a critical exchange of information and honest discussion among adult children and their aging parents that has long been the major roadblock to successful elder care. Filled with factual information, useful tips, real-life stories, and practical exercises, The Parent Care Conversation provides a proactive and collaborative solution to the long-term care issues that eventually everyone must face.

Dan Taylor is the creator of the Parent Care Solution, a unique process for planning for the long-term care of aging parents without financially or emotionally destroying the family. He is also the founder of the Parent Care Institute, an advocacy group active on both state and federal levels to bring awareness and changes to the topic of elder care.